Fox Technologies Data Recovery & Backup Services Leeds

In todays business world a Company is more reliant than ever on their data. 

The loss of this data could prove the demise of the organisation. 

As we strive toward the paperless office more and more data is stored in digital form and housed on our servers and client machines. 

Fox Technologies data services Leeds are able to protect this valuable asset for you either on site or in the cloud. 

We also have a specialist data recovery service to rescue data from damaged drives & equipment.

Desktop Client Backup

We can supply backup software and configure routines to totally protect data on you employees machines, with data retention policies to suit your needs.

Hyper v & Vmware Backup

With the increased use of virtual server environments like Microsoft’s Hyper V & VMware’s ESXI it has become more important than ever to have a solution in place that can restore a virtual server with the least down time possible. Our engineers are fully certified in the use of Altaro VM backup solutions packages both cloud and site based covering also the remote backup of Microsoft 365, SharePoint and one drive.

Forensic Data Recovery Services Leeds

If the unthinkable happens and your data drive becomes corrupt of damaged with no data backups in place, don’t panic, we can help.  Fox Technologies offer a full forensic data recovery service to rescue your data and organisation.

Data Backup On The Move.

While your employees are on the move or in remote locations, we can supply backup systems to ensure their valuable data is backed up at the point they successfully connect to a network.

Cyber Crime Statistics 

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Is the average monetary cost of a ransomware attack on businesses


% of malware is delivered by email


% of malicious email attachments are office files


% of businesses experienced denial of service attacks in 2018



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